On 13th, December 2019 the HAS Lendület Research Group - Long Reformation in Eastern Europe (1500-1800) presented 3 books related to the Reformation in Transylvania and Hungary in the Institute for Literary Studies.

New volume in R5AS Series: Olga Lukács, Alpár Csaba Nagy and István Péter eds.: From Movement to Inheritance. Hidden Assets from the Treasury of Hungarian Reformation, including 17 studies of Hungarian Reformed theologians presented at a conference in November 2016.

The Institute for Literary Studies, Research Centre for the Humanities at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences together with two Refo500 partners, the Babes-Bolyai University and the Lucian Blaga Central University Library of Cluj-Napoca organizes a summer course reflecting on the possible applications and interdisciplinary uses of the concept of Long Reformation. The event is part of the agenda of the project titled Long Reformation in Royal Hungary and Transylvania I.: Confessionalism and the Emerging Literary Cultures of the Early Modern Era (1500‒1800).

The HAS RCH Lendület Long Reformation in Eastern Europe (1500-1800) Research Group in assocaiation with the Reformed Theological Academy of Sárospatak has organised a conference focussing on the so-called “Counter-Reformation without Bloodshed” of the eighteenth century. The conference took place February 7-8, 2019 in Sárospatak, Hungary.